DOLFin® Pro: feature-packed mesh network radio node for Smart Cities

The new enLight® DOLFin® Pro brings enhanced capabilities to the enLight® intelligent network platform. Aside from increasing the speed and range of the node-to-node connection, the new design has a plethora of additional sensors and capabilities built in - from impact and seismic detection to Bluetooth LE beaconing and including accurate location from the on-board GPS.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 21.54.35.png

By packing in a multitude of sensors into the new DOLFin® Pro, data can be gathered on the health and performance of the lantern and the post it is attached to. The 9-axis sensor can detect motion, orientation and direction and can send an alert if the post is hit or interfered with. The highly accurate light level sensor measures daylight lux and colour temperature and can trim additional minutes per day off the burn hours for that lantern. Mounted on a lantern, the DOLFin® Pro becomes a routing node for the enTalkTM, self-healing mesh network that can cover a city or campus one lamp at a time.